Top 10 Forensic Science Graduate Schools in America


#10 Oklahoma State University

Tulsa, Oklahoma

A tendency these days among colleges and graduate schools is to move instruction online — lectures, quizes, discussion groups and tests. One graduate forensics program to do this more than most is Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, our number 10 pick for the top forensics graduate programs in America. Whether or not you see this as a benefit or a drawback really depends on your views on online education, your predilection for sleeping in, and your geographical location. After all, if the choice is between an online-heavy degree and no degree at all, we think most would log on to class any day.

While most of Oklahoma’s 29 hours of core courses are completely internet-based, you will, sometime after the second semester, be required to come to the Tulsa campus for two or three semesters. You’ll spend that time taking the ten hours of electives that round out the 39 hours required for graduation. Not only that, but you’ve got to be present to actually do the research that’s the basis of your research project. Oklahoma requires both a research project and a comprehensive exam to graduate.

One thing we really like about Oklahoma’s program is that they offer both a traditional MS master of science in forensics with a focus on research, but also options in forensic science administration and forensic document examination. So if you’re inclined to be a lab manager, or specialize in the examination of questioned documents, Oklahoma will let you refine your studies toward these pursuits. All in all, Oklahoma offers a fine, accredited forensics graduate program with enough oomph in the right fields to get you going in pretty much any lab in the United States.

And the 9th forensic science graduate program in the United States is…