Top 10 Forensic Science Graduate Schools in America


Picking a school is tough, especially with everybody jumping on the CSI bandwagon and the variety of accreditations out there. Who’s to say which ones are the best? Well, us, actually. After much deliberation, we present to you the Top 10 Forensic Science Schools in America.

One thing to be aware of: this list is the highest ranked forensic science graduate schools in America — that is, programs that grant post-graduate masters in forensic science. The masters is the so-called terminal degree in the field, meaning there is no doctorate, professional or otherwise, in forensic science. Forensic practitioners with Ph.D.s hold these degrees typically in related fields, such as biology, pharmacology or chemistry.

If you’re interested in reading more about undergraduate programs, we’ve also compiled our rankings of the 10 best forensic science undergraduate college programs in America, as well as the 10 best forensic psychology programs in America. We’re also wading through the immense volume of online forensics degree and certificate programs in forensic science, separating the wheat from the chaff. You can find our ranking of the top 10 online forensic science degree programs here as well.

Reading through each forensic school will give you a sense of the differences you might find among the schools, the different types of curricula, the forensic lab resources available, and the various strengths and weaknesses of each program. There are wide variances in everything from tuition to enrollment size to geographic access to forensic internships. Only when you see the different options out there can you make an informed choice about where you’ll spend a good two years of your life earning your forensics degree. It’s time well spent.

And so, dear reader, we present to you America’s top 10 forensic science graduate degree programs.

First up, number 10…