2 Georgia Colleges With Forensic Science Programs


1. Augusta State University

Forensic Accounting

Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia, offers a 4000-level graduate course on financial statement audits, areas necessary for certified public accountants interested in forensic work. The course looks at how you collect evidence, how you evaluate it in a court-friendly manner, and the ethical responsibilities of a CPS conducting forensic examinations. The only requirement for this auditing course is a C or better in a 3000-level course offered by Augusta.

Forensic Chemistry

The graduate school at Augusta State also offers, for science-types, a 4000-level course in advanced chemistry topics, including forensic chemistry. This is an advanced-level course that you can repeat for credit. The only pre-requisite is a C or better in a 3000-level course.

2. Bauder College

Forensic Science in Criminal Justice

If you’ve got a head for criminal justice and criminal profiling, consider taking Bauder’s 200-level CJ course on Introduction to Forensic Science. Worth 4 quarter credit hours, the course will give you a broad understanding of forensic psychology, helping you figure out exactly what you would like to do in the field. Having this understanding early on in your Bauder career will set you up to make smarter choices down the line, either as a junior or senior, or as a graduate if you decide to pursue a masters in forensics. The course covers all manner of forensic psychology, particularly how psychological concepts shape a defendant’s path through the criminal justice system. You’ll cover the theories behind crime, and how forensic psychologists use forensic assessments in criminal and civil trials. The upside is that there’s no prerequisite for this course, so you can take it if you have an inkling that forensic psychology or criminal profiling interests you down the line.