Alaska Colleges With Forensic Science Programs


Forensics at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Computer Science & Information Assurance

The University of Alaska’s ASSERT (Advanced System Security Education, Research, and Training Center) offers various workshops throughout the year on a number of digital forensics and computer forensics topics. While the Training Center does not grant certificate or degrees of any sort, they do offer continuing education series and lectures, most of them free for the taking. You can contact them at 907-474-6104 to find out their schedule.

B.A. & B.S. Chemistry with Forensic Chemistry Option – Alaska Fairbanks

Alaska Fairbanks does not offer any degrees in forensics per-se, but they do offer a B.A. or B.S. in chemistry with a forensic chemistry option. They can tell you more at 907-474-5510.

Introduction to Digital Forensics Course – U. of Alaska at Fairbanks

The computer science department at Alaska Fairbanks offers a 3-credit course on forensic examination using computers. The course takes a look at the general forensic process, tools used, and how to process and preserve digital evidence. Specifically, you’ll learn how to process a hard drive, manage emails and malicious code. There are prerequisites, however: you must have the permission of the teacher, and have taken a 300-level course in computer science. The course is offered only on odd-numbered years.

Alaska Summer Research Academy (for High School Students) – U. of Alaska at Fairbanks

The Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) offers high-school students two weeks of high-intensity, college-grade training on a number of subjects, forensics included, that results in a single college credit. The program pairs eight students with two instructors, focusing on a single subject in a variety of disciplines. Forensics, one of the choices, is probably the most popular of the bunch: you get to work a mock crime scene in the Alaska wilderness with members of the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game. This includes processing the crime scene and collecting evidence; soil and paint analysis; DNA, toxicology, arson, tool impressions, forensic entomology, document analysis and forensic law.

Admission to the program is based on academic ability, a recommendation from a teacher, and a 500-word essay detailing what you’ve done and what your interests are. You can give them a call to find out specifics of when you can apply, at 907-474-7077.

Forensic Psychology (Distance Learning) – U. of Alaska at Anchorage

The University of Alaska at Anchorage offers a 3-credit course in the spring on Forensic Psychology. You can get more information about when it’s offered by giving them a ring at 907-786-1480.